Smart Line Solar Systems

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Smart line system and 2 panel collectors.

  •  Free Solar hot water all year.
  • available with one or two panels.
  • Eco blue or Black max panels.
  • Gas or electric boosted option.
  • Government rebates available save $$$.
  •  Save up to 80% of your water heating costs.
  • pre-plumbed system for quick installation.
  • circulation pump and management system.

Select the correct solar hot water system for you

Chromagen-SmartLine-Solar-Hot-Water systems product data


The Chromagen Smartline solar hot water system is the ideal way to get into your first solar.  The pre-plumbed unit provides quick installation keeping the costs down for your installation.  There is a small circulating pump mounted to the side of the tank that circulates the cold water up to the panel or panels on the roof.  It comes fitted with two sensor thermistors one placed on the roof at hot water outlet and the other at the lower end of the storage tank located at ground level.  These thermistors are connected to the management system to tell the pump when to go and when to stop including to circulate water when the temperature drops to low and provides frost protection for the panel. Smart line solar systems use the pre-heated water in the storage tank to supply the continuous flow gas booster system to top up the water temperature if required and then to your hot water outlets in your house via a HP tempering valve.  This solar hot water system is super affordable and super efficient.

Black Max

Chromagen’s BlackMax collectors have evolved over many years to become a highly efficient and durable solar collector. They are constructed from high quality materials and are manufactured to ISO 9001 International quality standards to provide a cost effective and super efficient collector that you can trust to perform all year round.


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